Has Romance seduced you before?

If she does, you’ll respect Seduction. Seduction is direct, and fulfils all promises.

Unlike Romance, who whispers.

Her endearing gestures imply your heart desires will be granted.

For how long? The whispers are more muffled when they lie, ‘forever’ or warn, ‘for as long as us shall exist’.

Hillside Lessons

I learnt three lessons in Abuja.

One, how to climb up and down a hillside.

Two, that having power doesn’t mean one will have the authority to effect change. Like the peak of a hill, a shiny height to aspire to. A journey up this hill of power is sleek with caked mud and compromise. Often, rocks and exposed roots will make you stumble in fear with the sacrifices they’ll demand for passage. But the victorious step to the hilltop exposes a fierce, rocky terrain to navigate.

Three, how to love you.

To be continued..

The Drunken Writer reviews STAB LOVE WITH FLOWER STALKS

The Stab Love with Flower Stalks Blog Tour has kicked off with this heart warming review by The Drunken Writer.

Ezinne Ogwumah (Author, Self Apology), Poet and Blogger at The Drunken Writer has me dancing about my bedroom work desk with my heart crying.

Her review captures her experience of Stab Love with Flower Stalks. I’m humbled with how she relates and interprets its emotional depth on love, queerness and erotic sensuality.