self for you

Self for You

To the people who betrayed our trust.

For the shock and crippling pain.

Thank you, for making us stand regal.

When you are in pain it’s so instinctive to lash out. You want closure. Comfort.

But I’ve learnt that instead of withdrawing.


Process the pain but don’t carry the guilt of the traitor. Never do that. Forgive yourself.

When you are too tired of the heaviness. Tired of tears. Exhale the pain.

When you are in pain. Living can be healing.


Self for You


How can you handle insecurities, low self-esteem and thirst for validation?

There are two ways I have built belief in myself, maintained my self-esteem and confidence. These are through self-compassion and self-reflection.


It is human to falter in our self-love and hunger for love and validation from others. But it’s important to note that you should be responsible for your own happiness.

Self for You

Being self-compassionate means you have to really see and accept yourself with kindness.

Talk to yourself daily with positive affirmations. See all of you. Say and mean it when you tell yourself, ‘ I accept and love me’. So much that when those toxic thoughts come up you can push them aside.
Forgive yourself for mistakes and oversight. Note you are on a journey so you mind your pace not those of others.

Self-reflection will help you assess yourself. Note what you want to change, develop or retain. Self reflecting is best done by recording in a daily journal/ planner or reflecting on your day before bed. Reflect and create a vision for your life to goal dig towards. Be intentional in your self love. Validate yourself.