Bookie Life Update

My Bar Finals Exams are over! I can now stop romancing Law School textbooks. It’s been an intense journey from November 2018, studying at the Nigerian Law school for a Bachelor at Law(B.L) and enrollment into the Nigerian Bar. All that’s left are results and Call.

Gosh! My boundless gratitude can submerge the Atlantic.

I’m going to rest and rejuvenate. Next week I’d begin sharing book reviews and more.

I picked up Logan Feburary’s In The Nude yesterday evening. Finally! I’m so excited to read one of my favourite poet’s first and widely commended, full length poetry collection. I mean, read the amazing mini review by PageBookStore above!

The titles of the poems, the rhythm, their pulling depth and intimate imagery…wow. I’ll share a reading update later in the weekend.

Do you have a weekend read? Tell me little about it.

Glow Gem in Abuja

Hey Gem! It’s been a while I’ve done a life update post. The Nigerian Law School vacated on the 21st. It’s really great getting a break from the intense schedule. After a shoot with the big tree bicycle.

I took flight at Yola International Airport to Abuja. I finished reading Guerrilla Post by Obari Gomba on the blue sky flight. I’ll be sharing my review soon. Did you catch Steamy Storytime-Episode 3: My Vagina is not an embassy on my booktube? Watch it here! Don’t forget to like and subscribe.

I want to share mini reviews of books I enjoyed reading in 2018 but didn’t review. I think I might share them as a count down to the new year on my bookstagram. Until I share them, check out my new mini stories in my Write Pad. It’s a holiday gift to discover Cannabistro by Heych, an African horror short fiction series. Read my gush-fest review here.

So far in Abuja, I attended a morning mass at St. Martin Catholic Church, Lugbe Abuja and I loved it. It’s been ages I’ve been to church and this is my 2nd mass. I’m not a Catholic but the serenity of the service reminded me so much of Yola at dawn. There was this igbo praise song sang like classic opera..divine auditory orgasm! I’ll be hanging out with friends and catching up on 2 Pesewas episodes. Maybe also write in my manuscript..

I’m spending my Christmas in the North. Remember to breathe and glow. Happy holidays Gem!

Sunny Views of Us

There are views.

There are views from a airplane window of bright pink, peach, red, purple and mint blue skies filtering through two layers of clouds as the sun sets.

Then there is the sight, sound and sensual feel of you sucking my yellow painted toes. As you kneel in front of my heating vulva thrusting warm pleasure into me with your dark chocolate phallus. What a view.  I moan arching my back, feeling your scrotum tickle my butt cheeks. Your full lips trail kisses from my big toe to my bronzed left calf. Your thrusts quicken making me moan and gasp louder. ‘Ifeanyi!’ I almost scream smiling. You bend on me to kiss my pinkish brown lips and I wrap my thick thighs around your muscled back. From our lustful embrace on the damp dinning table in the stuffy spare room. It was shoved here by you, my elder brother and two cousins under the direction of my Mum. She felt the caterers needed more space to set up the wedding party buffet. We shouldn’t be here licking, sucking, moaning, gasping nor having orgasms on squeaking mahogany. Yellow streaks of sunlight beam off the white walls caressing my blurred vision. I gasp from the realization that the sun has risen and uh intense pleasure. I should be bathed and seated with the make-up artist and my excited bridal train.

‘You are so beautiful’. Each word you say is punctuated with quick kisses. One to my erect left nipple then two kisses on my glistening brown right nipples. I giggle then whisper I’m so happy. You smile that smile that made me say yes to a private, extended kayak session the day we met. We watched the rosy sunset together as traffic crawled on the impressive Eko Bridge. Afterwards we ate the largest fresh fish barbecue with creamy coleslaw, plenty fries and sweet frozen yoghurt and chilled citrus beer.  Our moist lips separate then we nuzzle our noses against each other. We both chuckle at our ability to find time for ourselves, no time for sex, amidst our families and weddings craziness. I was whispering that I love how he moaned my name when I took his pulsing penis in between my lips. How I enjoyed him asking if he could give me head. His long fingers that make clicking taps on keyboards, engineering dark back ends like a tribal drum beat. How those long fingers with dark knuckles had popped open the  three metal clasp of my bodysuit. Then he’d hoisted me onto the table surface, spreading my thighs to kiss his way down my inner thighs, further down teasing my delicate folds, sucking my clit. Oh, what an erotic view! My whispering would have continued when we heard my mother say at the door, ‘Aisha nko?’. Where is she? Why isn’t Ifeanyi picking his calls, where is the groom?’ We froze blinking as birds chirped.  Quickly yet quietly we sat up, got off the table and began dressing. My mother’s voice moved away from the door while we shared our last kiss at our hideout.