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Brunch and Law Books

This saturday morning in Abuja is for reading law school lecture notes and textbooks while savoring yum brunch seated in front of this gorgeous view. Because I largely romance myself, I plucked a white rose from the compound shrub.

I just got back home after scouting from Area 1 Shopping complex to Zone 3 Neigbourhood for a laptop charger (10:30am- 2pm). I miss the numerous options Alaba Int’l Market(Ojo, Lagos) and Computer Village(Ikeja, Lagos) give. The rigourous walks and negotiations make me grateful for the peaceful morning. I found out my charger isnt faulty. Rather a different laptop fault which no one available could fix for an affordable price. I’m sad about this.

I enjoy reading ebooks on my laptop while playing some songs I only have on it. Plus it’s difficult concentrating on writing stories on my phone because of social media notifications. I prefer using my laptop to read law school ematerials also. I have a story to work on for the Dark Lagos Collection Entry due at the end of the month.😪 Enough of my whining. I’ll shower, eat, rest and wake up to fill my log book then continue studying.

Hope your Saturday is going better than mine?

Lesson of the day: Try every available option before you invent new ones. It’ll save you resources.


Rigata to Idu

Hey fellow bookies! How has your first 11 days in 2019 been? I hope you been breathing and readjusting to your work or school schedules with the holidays being over.

Car Selfie on the way to Rigata Train Station in Kaduna State, Nigeria.

I want to share my 5.01.19 travel diary from Kaduna State to Federal Capital Territory, Abuja to Adamawa State. I travelled from Rigata, Kaduna to Idu, Abuja by train! It was an odd experience because I kept saying ‘we’re moving so slow’. But in truth, the journey was smooth and quick. I usually travel by road or air so it was new experience. The landscape was littered with dark granite deposits on sandy desert terrain, sparse sandy brown and green foliage. The train was air-conditioned and my seatmate was really cool.

Idu Train Station in Abuja, Nigeria. The arid harmattan is a filter.

We arrived at Abuja a few minutes after 2 hours. Then I had to roll my bags. (PS: I’m never packing 4 heavy bags on such a trip again.) Although, my seatmate helped me out with it. An uncle picked me up then drove me on vast, tarred express roads to the Airport. My blue, 55mins flight took me to the Yola International Airport.

FCT Abuja in Nigeria

I’m back to Yola for the Nigerian Law School 2nd Term. The end of Week 6 is here and we’ve finally been split into groups. I hope you’ve been enjoying the stories I’ve published so far in 2019. Scroll down to catch up.

Don’t forget to care for yourself this weekend!