You are a nasty girl! She exclaimed with a sheepish smile.

I loooovveee it, she exclaims surprising my smirk.

Laughter erupts around the brunch table. I could see her champagne flute vibrate so slightly. A knowing smile spread on her fading red lips when I look up. She’d caught me staring at the red lip prints on the flute’s rim. Then, I didn’t know all the pleasure her fuller upper lip would bring my small nipples.

-a Lust Note by Amethyst Saw


Mind Meal

Just how I eat carbs with loads of veggies! I continued study Professional Ethics before my order was ready.

Yesterday I was in a mental state I hadn’t been in a while. And I loved it! I wrote in the morning, was able to study and read another Gem’s review of a beach resort in Lagos. In the evening, after my gratitude walk away from our study group discussion. I just zoned out(even forgetting i was with the room key nor checking my phone). Deciding to care for myself and cleanse my subconscious of toxic thoughts, regret and self-doubt. I paid for a book I’ve wanted to read since its pre-launch publicity. Finally, the tuck shop bought my Olive oil and the butter. I was delighted I won’t have tight, dry and whitish skin into the weekend. The air is really dry in Yola so one layer of moisturisers isn’t enough. I left my comfort zone (law school campus) to get dinner. A plate of noodles, veggies witscrumptiousus, baked chicken (I’d been craving) from Top Ten Resturant, Yola South, Yola. Then ate a mouthwatering bowl of cow tail peppersoup on impulse. An insightful friend, Emmanuel, kept me company(he ate fries and omelet) and I’m grateful. I apologised to my roommates. I returned armed with a new moisturiser with sunscreen and feeling recharged.

Delicious Cow tail pepper soup from Top 10 Resturant, Along Yola Town Bye Pass, Yola.

Feed your mind today. It’s okay to not be okay. There are a dozen thousand states between happiness and unhappiness. Just be present in your own life.

Be grateful and content in whatever state.

This offers more long term fulfilment. Than fleeting happiness or dragging sadness.

Note than sadness/unhappiness are necessary. So feed your mind that you are loved, worthy and not alone. Then declutter it of toxic thoughts and thrive.

Breathe and recharge this weekend Gem.

Future Affirmation!

I’m lying unhinged, adire curtains flapping, flipping through intimate poems, relaxed and content.
Remember when your hair isn’t slay, your shoulders ache with stress, your mind is too anxious and you can’t afford books. Breathe Gem, you’ve got it.’
-Saved Caption, 4.11.2018

Writing positive affirmations and intentions for your future self helps you stay mentally healthy. Over the past few days when I need encouragement I go back and read them. You should try it!