Laying in the dark I blink at nostalgia and reflections of headlights. Cool breeze and silver shadows ruffle my parted curtains. Warm, serenading whispers stroke my ear. I close my brown eyes and feel you kiss my earlobe. ‘Shemaye’ I moan into my phone. Your whispers promise, ‘the Block Party’s Bole and Fish sauce will taste like the Calabar one we ate in December. It’ll be a delicious dinner’. My soft fingers caress my plum labia and erect clit. Pleasure floats up to my throat in low moans like bubbles of champagne. ‘Yes, 20 minutes. I’ll be ready.’

ORITSESHEMAYE is my ongoing Twitter erotic series.

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Poetry Album Spotlight: Swim by Titilope Sonuga

SWIM is a poetry album, talented Titlope Sonuga released on 4th October. She had shared some remarkable teaser videos on Twitter before its release.

SWIM is a soul balm for you. It’s an ocean of healing truths poured out of love and journey through time. You can wade in it until you are soothed or drowned in yourself.

7 Healing Lines from SWIM

“Remember rock bottom is always a good place to start rebuilding.”

“The woman is busy
She is in conversations with god
Translating the blue print of creation”

“Baby, I cannot be your life jacket,
Your panic will sink us both.
But if you’re still enough to listen to me,
I’ll teach you how to swim.”

10 things somebody should have taught me:
1. Do not romanticize suffering. There’s nothing poetic about a love that breaks your spirit.
2. Know when to leave. Some bridges need to be burned. Use the light to find a better way.
3. Practice forgiveness. Start with yourself.4. Say no. Do not negotiate with terrorists. Do not bargain for anyone’s love.
5. Friendships end. Let go. Stay open.
6. Save emotional real estate for the ones that will stay. Be soft. Be a safe space for the ones that you love.
7. Create time for yourself. Create something that will outlive you.
8. Do things that move your spirit. Laugh. Cry. Pray.
9. Love yourself as urgently and as completely as you want to be loved
10. Becoming is hard work. Staying the same is even harder.

‘The woman is not your right of passage’

‘The woman is not your youthful mistake.’

“I haunt the house where we planted roses on the roof,turn our love letters into daggers, I disappear the children we did not have, the ribbon in their hair crumble to dust in my hand…I join the legion of broken heart women who tumble into the earth.”

The beautiful cover picture was photographed by Victor Adewale. I’m immensely proud of his work.

Stream it today on Apple Music today.

I’d love to know your thoughts and favourite lines or poems.

Thank you Titilope Sonuga!


Whenever our silky bodies touch, I stare into her cosmic eyes I feel intoxicated. Drugged up on her dark melanin. Breathless from kissing her voice. Dying in peace, my face buried in between her thighs. Hazy with orgasms. Our kissing labias like eagles making love in blue skies.

I’m thinking of this woman. Smiling in crescents as memory replays her sleepy voice. Crescents becomes half moons, reminiscing about the feel of my breasts against her smooth, slender back.

My ceramic heart is beating, ferocious. I hear its maroon chips fall into my stomach. I feel some fluttering butterflies wiggle under these fractures. This attraction broke me in its making. Pinning my hopes against my womb.,

Your gasps are fluttering butterflies. Patient palms stroke soft skin. Softness like fresh air. Have you felt the evening breeze? Stroked her neck, Cupped her breasts? Sniff pheromones, lemongrass & smoke. Compliments are worship before praising kisses. Lap nectar from plum lips.

My heart and head are running through revolving doors of pleasure, anxiety, joy, pain, hope, lust, humility, fear, thrilling newness. For once in the same direction. What’s magic without a little blood? On Planet 15 they collided with you. Hi Beautiful, your eyes say to my dimples.

ORITSESHEMAYE is my ongoing Twitter erotic series. What are your thoughts?