Abuja-Yola Flight Read: Lákíríboto Chronicles

Lakiriboto Chronicles by Ayodele Olofintuade


A brief history of badly behaved women. Morieba, Moremi,Kudirat and Tola were victims of Alagbado clan’s long-held tradition of silence, connivance and duplicity, until Raufu Alagbado(aka OloriEbi, Raffie the Razor) sets off a series of events in an attempt to make his dead sister’s Will permanently disappear. Murder, betrayal, revenge..a woman’s body is a crime scene.

Reading Update

The book kicks off with the death of Alhaja and Moremi learning how to mourn and how society can make one invisible. We also meet Tolu a woman who is healing from a C-section delivery, not leaving her bed ignoring her new born baby and family. There is a guardian demon..I’m excited about this book. I had to buy a personal copy at ALitFest 2019.

Have you heard or read this book? Comment your thoughts Gem.

Guess whose back?! *in Nadia Rose’s voice* Its weird to hear rain in Yola caused an hour flight delay. 3rd term of Nigerian Law School begins, pray for me Gems.

My Max Air Experience

My Dad was excited to book with them because they are new airline. They made mistake registering my name which wasn’t corrected. However it was highlighted to boarding staff. I boarded hitch free. None of my belongings are missing or were tampered with. I enjoyed the MaxAir Flight and pastries. But not the initial turbulence or plane noise. Their ticketing staff were cordial though. I’m thankful for journey mercies. Now I have to unpack and settle into campus.

Have a splendid week ahead Gem!


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