Spotlight Read: January


Hey Gem,

Back in January I resumed back at Law School for a busy 2nd term and honestly, online fiction was my companion. I’m sharing some unique reads I found in January.


“The deeper you troll, the darker the gloom’s resurface. I’m a missed road, I keep tumbling back with no reverse. A past irreversible.”

I love how lyrical and descriptive Fakhrriyah’s pieces are. Mostly untitled, they make you peep deeper into life. Follow her on Instagram to read more and watch her colourful, engaging stories documenting her life in Northern Nigeria.

Trading Swords by Sonya Annita Song

“To fight to defeat and to hope all in vain/ Is the courage to be young”

I read Trading Swords, a poem on childhood and journeying life on


“When it’s hard to get out of the woods. Find comfort in being lost.”

Wilder is a poet that I discovered on Instagram. Wilder has two poetry chapbooks but also shares heart melting poems on self-love, life, positivity and beautiful magic. Most pieces are untitled. Read wilder poetry here

Ewa by TheAdewuniAdebola

‘You’re beautiful”, she whispered. I knew that already but the way the wind bellowed when she whispered and the sway of the waves all made the difference. ” Ewa”, she echoed softly.’

A microfiction that says beauty into being with grandeur. I really like this it here.

Last Plea before I probably kill myself by Kelechi Dozie

I wake up daily to emptiness. Everything is bare. The sun is bare. The air is bare. It hurts to think of us in past tense. We kissed. We were’

I love this free verse poem so much because of the imagery. The universe and I felt the persona’s heart break and longing. Read this here.

Fall to Power by Shreya Vikman

But to be vain itself is a power, to have the power, to be selfish, to think only of oneself. A luxury. How we wasted it.

Fall to power is bold, asking if you know why you make choices. Urging, we learn to live for ourselves. So many lines are quotable and wise. Read it here.


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